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Feature & GIVEAWAY: Kissing The Boy Next Door by Judy Corry

This book is number three (of 12) in a multi-author series of stand alone YA romances that take place at the same school: Sweet Water High. And I've decided it's time for a giveaway! The lovely Ms. Corry has sent me a signed copy to gift one of you. In addition, the winner will recieve e-book copies of the other two books available in the series along with a $10 Amazon Card. You can GET THE BOOK HERE and you can ENTER THE GIVEAWAY HERE.

Summary - It’s been five years since Wes and I have spoken. Five years since he decided our friendship was less important than our parents’ fight. So when we’re forced to practice a duet together, I expect him to keep our contact to a minimum.

Instead, he’s telling me the feud between our parents has gone on long enough. That he misses me and wants to fix things between us.

But I’m not going to fall for it. I won’t fall for his charms like so many other girls have in the past.

If only my stupid heart would listen to my brain. Because kissing the boy next door is no way to fix a family feud. Or is it?

What I Liked About This Book - I've read a few books lately that are retellings of a classic. Usually you get one story, and most of the time the retell is pretty obvious. This book felt like a combination of two: Romeo & Juliet as well as Pride & Prejudice. Granted, I haven't ever read P&P, but I've seen just about every version put into cinamatic form. I don't know if the author meant for it to have the vibe of both, or maybe I'm reading into things. Suffice it to say that I liked the mash up. The reason for the family fued was pretty big, as in I doubt you see this kind of stuff happen that often in TRW, but it would have to be for two childhood friends that got married, bought houses next door to each other and had kids at the same time so they could grow up and get married. (Sounds like something I'd do. Haha. Except I'd move next door to my sister, so clearly our kids can't get married...) At first I didn't understand why the two kids who were best friends, wouldn't just blow their parents off and hang out in secret. I wasn't expecting the conflict to be as big as it was and when I learned exactly what was going on, it made sense about why the parents tried so hard to keep the kids apart. Both MCs were pretty well developed and their relationship was believable. Also, Judy is just a good writer. If you're a fan of hers, you'll like this. And if you've never tried her, this book is a good one to try her out on.

Appropriate For - I'd definitely consider this a sweet romance. Interactions between the love interestes are totally appropriate. However, without spoiling anything, the issue between the parents involves a very grown up subject. It's not explicit, but if you're picky about what your kids read, I'd suggest reading it first. I don't think most adults or older teens would be bothered by it.

About The Author - Judy Corry has been addicted to love stories for as long as she can remember. She reads and writes YA and Clean Romance because she can't get enough of the feeling of falling in love. She graduated from Southern Utah University with a degree in Family Life and Human Development and loves to weave what she learned about the human experience into her stories. She believes in swoon-worthy kisses and happily ever afters. Judy met her soul mate while in high school, and married him a few years later. She and her husband are raising four beautiful children in Southern Utah.

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