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Pre-order Giveaway!

Having a lot of pre-orders on release day really helps an author's Amazon rank and increases visibility. That drives sales which drives my self-esteem. LOL. So here's a little incentive to pre-order - especially if you were going to get the book anyway. Click on the link, copy and paste your pre-order number and you'll be entered for a $10 Amazon card. Your book would be paid for. Not many will take the time to do this so your chances of winning are good. I know a lot of you read in Kindle Unlimited and I wish there was a way I could do a giveaway for that too. Unfortunately, there's no way for me to track it. But I still appreciate you reading no matter the means by which it's accomplished. And don't worry, there will be a big release giveaway too. Thanks for supporting my career. I couldn't be a writer if I didn't have readers. 😘 ENTER HERE

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