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Review: Flirting with the Enemy by Sally Henson

I've seen all these "Boys of Summer" books popping up, so I decided to try one. If you like the ease of reading a novella, this is a good choice. Especially since it's only $0.99. And if you like it, there are plenty more in the series. GET THE BOOK HERE.

Summary - Jade was ready to call this sun-tanned hottie hers for the summer, or however long he was vacationing in her small beach town. That was before she realized he was the same scrawny ex-friend that ruined her life. How dare Griffan come back after all these years with his muscles and looking all tall, dark, and handsome?

All Jade knows is that she needed to stay far, far away from him because her heart was better off frozen. So why can’t she stop flirting with the enemy? You’ll love this sweet, enemies-to-lovers young adult romance because everyone needs a little saltwater getaway.

What I Liked About This Book - I went off script this time. I know I complain about books being too short. But I'm so busy right now that I didn't have time to read a full length novel. So, I actually picked a novella...on purpose. I know, the world has officially turned upside-down. This story was cute. And I wasn't annoyed by the length because a) I knew it was short from the beginning and b) the author didn't try to cram in more of a plot than she could handle in half a book. There are gaps in time since the story takes place over the whole summer, but it works because the author skips any unnecessary scenes. Also, the characters had a relationship in their childhood, which makes the quick romantic development palatable and more believable. This was the first book I've read by Sally and it's left me curious to tackle one of her full length stories. The writing was good. The characters were well developed. I felt like I had a clear picture of the MC's personality and that I could relate to her in many ways.

Appropriate For - This one was clean. The most dodgy thing I can think of is that the love interests spend the night together on the beach, sharing the same sleeping bag. But her little brother is present in the sleeping bag across from them and nothing more than kissing happens. (Or is even implied.)

About The Author - Sally is an author of teen and young adult contemporary romance. She combines ingredients of reality with a dreamer's imagination to create sweet and delectable fiction. On the occasion when she's not busy working, writing, or spending time with her family, she loves to watch the sun rise and set--capturing the beauty with her camera--and sometimes reads into the wee hours.

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