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Review: We Thought We Were Invincible by Michelle MacQueen

After reading this review, you may wonder if I had a personality transplant during the six weeks I've been living under a rock. I'm the same me, I just thought I'd branch out. This book isn't my normal selection. If you want something to tug on your heartstrings, look no further. You can pick up a copy here.

Summary - I, Callie McCoy, am not in love with my brother’s best friend. I swear. Mortal enemies can’t fall in love. They don’t smile at each other or go off on secret skydiving adventures. Definitely not. I’m better off on my own with a surfboard underneath my feet and a wave helping me fly. But that’s the thing about birds. Even they have flocks. Before I realize what’s happening, I have one of the most popular girls in school claiming she wants to be my friend… and Jamie… well, he’s getting a lot less annoying. My brother can’t find out Jamie is replacing bickering with sweet kisses. But, who am I kidding? Jamie has never been serious about anything. It’ll be over before either of us can blink. 

I, Jamie Daniels, have been in love with my best friend’s sister for more years than I’ll admit. And she hates me. Mostly. She’s never needed me, not the way I need her, but it’s time for that to change. It’s time for her to see I’m not the annoying kid who teased her anymore. When I kiss her, she lets me. But when I want more, she only laughs. I’ll do anything to be with her, even if it means keeping our relationship a secret. Even if it means holding her together when our entire world falls apart.  Because that’s the thing about high school. Eventually, the illusion of protection shatters and all we have left is each other. 

What I Liked About This Book - It's not my normal MO - it's a straight-up drama. If I hadn't been on some new and improved meds, I might not have been able to finish it. LOL. This is a bit of a spoiler, but the book has some triggers that I want to make everyone aware of including, death of a parent, death of a friend, bullying, physical abuse and a school shooting. Oh, and it doesn't have a happy ending. Okay, so you're probably thinking, why should I read this? I'll tell you why...because it is well written. It feels sadly real. I read happy fluffy books to escape the kind of stuff this book addresses. That doesn't change the fact that people are faced with struggles like this every day. Don't get me wrong. The story has some sweet and funny moments. The heroine isn't whiny and the hero is very endearing. It's not all doom and gloom but it's heavy. Despite all of this, I was invested until the end. And that's really saying something, given the fact that I usually quit reading books like this one when crap hits the fan. The ending isn't sad, just not as satisfying as I'd have liked. But it's definitely real. It's the one part of the book I could actually relate to. Sometimes life doesn't end up the way we thought it would. Don't pass it up because the ending isn't sugar coated. I'm pretty sure the second book picks up a few years down the road and I'm hoping that we get our happily ever after in the sequel.

Appropriate For - Not for younger teens. I'll tell you what's in it and you can be the judge on whether it's okay for your kid. There is swearing at the MPAA PG-13 level. Some bible swears, at least half a dozen s*** and two F-bombs. There is innuendo and some blatantly sexual comments--which in my opinion aren't super crass, but I know I'm a little less reserved in that area than some of you. There is some talk about sex and a sexual relationship that is mentioned in passing. There is one "fade to black" type scene toward the end, but the lead in is only a few sentences and pretty mild. The kissing isn't all that steamy (not anything I wouldn't write). And again, the content is heavy, not just in a mature relationship kind of way, but also in a life kind of way.

About The Author - Michelle MacQueen has a brain that won’t seem to quiet down, forcing her into many different genres to suit her various sides. Under the name M. Lynn, she writes fantasy along with her Michelle MacQueen romances. Running on Diet Coke and toddler hugs, she sleeps little - not due to overworking or important tasks - but only because she refuses to come back from the worlds in the books she reads. Reading, writing, aunting … repeat.


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