The Perfect Series (YA)

This is a series of stand-alone novels set at the same high school. Each book features new main characters, though there is some crossover between stories. They are most fun when read in order, but will be enjoyed any way you read them.

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The Fate & Fortune Duo (YA)

Fate & Fortune shares the romantic journey of Bryce and Paige. Along the way some crazy and seemingly impossible things happen. Kismet & Karma rewinds to the beginning of the same week and tells the story from the viewpoint of the supporting cast. It gives you a behind the scenes look at how all the magic happened. Fate & Fortune must be read first, but Kismet & Karma won't disappoint.

One of the Girls (YA)
This is a stand-alone sports romance, though it still has the same comedic feel as my other books. There will be more stories to come featuring the fabulous athletes of Roosevelt High school. But if you can't wait for mine, check out Girl at Heart by Kelly Oram which is another sports romance set in the same world.
Holiday Novellas (YA)
The Trouble With Christmas and The Problem With Cupid are part of a holiday series. At 30,000 words these novellas are quick, cute reads. You can finish both in a weekend. These are the first 2 of 3 in the series. They can be read out of order, but it will be more fun if they're read in sequence. 
The Geek Chic Series (Adult)
This is a millionaire romance, not a billionaire romance... because young, sexy and sweet millionaires are so much easier to come by. LOL. This book is intended for adults and has more heat than my YA books. There is a lot of steamy kissing and innuendo plus pre-marital sex (but it's closed door or fade to black).