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Flirty Girls are Overrated

From Tomboy to Total Babe...

Joey Taylor is a down to Earth skate chick who’s never been big on traditional girl things. She doesn’t even mind being lumped in as one of the guys – until the boy she likes fails to see her as dating potential. Joey will do whatever it takes to make him notice her.

Peyton Davis doesn’t have time for dating; he’s on the verge of skateboarding greatness. And even if girls were a priority, he’s picky. When a member of Peyton’s competition skate team bails, he recruits Joey and realizes that she’s just his type. Unfortunately, Joey only has eyes for someone else.

Joey’s crush is into girly-girls and unless she does something drastic, he’ll never notice her. Peyton is less than thrilled when Joey gets a makeover. Not only is her new look accompanied by a line of gentlemen suitors, but the attention is making her flaky. He’s determined to get the feisty, fearless skater back and show her that she was already perfect the way she was.

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